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Holly 3s at 8:24am on 1st June 2016

I luv this school I want to thank my teachers so far and I hope we have a good year next year x☺

Anoymous at 5:54pm on 21st March 2016

Like Esther said this is a great school and I love it❤️😛 It's a shame
I'm leaving soon but I'll be ok! Make sure you follow the school on twitter👌👍😜😃

Esther Boon at 6:46am on 20th March 2016

For anyone who is looking for a great school, this is the place to come.

lucy at 12:26pm on 12th March 2016

i love this school its like were family the only thing is i'm leaving soon.

A BIG thankyou💙 at 10:32pm on 7th December 2015

I left quite a while ago now, however it doesn't mean I left the amazing memories behind💓I left because I sadly had to go to secondary school, but if I could I would have stayed there instead. A big thankyou to Mrs collister for making my year 6 experience really great!💗 And miss morris with all her funny songs like: all about that base X that height! 🤗🤗 those two teachers are my role models and I wish I could be taught by them again! 🌺 Bye x