Dear Parents,

As you are aware, the Deanery is very pro-active with regard to keeping our children up to date and protected on the internet and computers whilst in school and we also undertake units of work and assemblies to give the children the skills to be 'e-safe' at home.

There are also filters run by Birmingham Local Authority that monitors and blocks inappropriate content in school. Unfortunately there is no software that is 100 % successful and on the rare occasions we have had breaches, there is a very thorough procedure that is followed, as set out in our e-safety policy. Any incident is always reported to parents in writing, so please do not be concerned.

Deanery have also purchased some software that monitors children's actions in school, in order to protect them from sharing too much information about themselves. Warnings are created and sent to the school E Safety Leader if there is inappropriate or dangerous activity going on within school.

In order to maintain children's safety there are units of work that the children undertake and a number of websites are available to help parents, staff and children become more aware of dangers and understand how to deal with them.

It is important that the school's role is also to train children to be safe outside of the school's protected environment - for this reason, we promote the following software that is free:

Birmingham City Council provide a piece of software free of charge for two years that all Birmingham parents can download to protect their computers and children. This software is called Cyber Sentinel and is a software we have highlighted before via newsletters..

To obtain the software visit https://www.cybersentinel.co.uk/shop/basket.aspx and enter a code available from the school office. This code is only for Deanery parents and has a cap on the number of downloads allowed, so please do not share it to parents from other school’s as their school has a different code.

This pre-pay voucher code lets you obtain a full two year licence for free. Enter the voucher code, register a web account and then download the software. After the install we recommend parents follow the quick configuration guide that will be shown in a web browser. This will help you understand the software and get it going quickly and easily.

Parents need to understand that CyberSentinel is made up of two components - a bit of client software that needs to be installed on the PC(s) you want to protect, and a web based administration console. Once the client is installed you shouldn't need to do anything else actually on the PC, it is all done online via the online console.

Unfortunately, the school cannot offer any technical support on the software as all PCs are set up differently and have varying specifications. It is up to the parent as to whether they wish to download the software onto their PC. The school cannot take any responsibility for the parent choice to download the software.